iWatch well into development, iOS 8 to focus on refinements and fitness

Apple's previous-generation iPod nano stylized as a wearable watch.

9to5mac‘s Mark Gurman — one of the most trusted websites and authors for Apple rumors — today has exclusive news surrounding the iWatch, iOS 8, and Apple’s upcoming health and wearable plans. The report focuses on the iWatch and Apple’s place in the health-industry. The iWatch is, according to Gurman, “well into development.”Gurman’s sources also indicate that iOS 8 will include a major emphasis on health and fitness, which would play into the strength of the iPhone 5S’ M7 co-processor for tracking and maintaining fitness data. This will be done by way of an app named “Healthbook.”

iOS 8 is codenamed “Okemo,” which continues the trend of naming new versions of the OS after ski resorts. According to Gurman, iOS 8 will not be nearly as revolutionary a change as iOS 7 was, as it instead focuses on tightening up the foundation of the OS and adding smaller features, while improving the stability and reliability of iOS.


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