Eclipse is system-wide night mode for iOS 7

163470One of the most actively requested iOS 7 features–which has yet to be implemented in any official form by Apple–is the addition of a system-wide “night mode” of sorts which would, hopefully, reduce the amount of blinding white used across system apps. While Apple has yet to deliver, such a feature recently materialized in the form of a jailbreak tweak, and it’s suitably called Eclipse.

Eclipse works with all native iOS 7 apps, and works with most 3rd-party apps as well. Apps that already feature a “night mode”  of sorts will not be affected by the tweak at all. The tweak has a few settings that can be adjusted, such as the accent color for darkened apps, and you’ll find them in Other options include the ability to darken UI views (as you’ll see below), and darken wallpapers.


Some apps, it’s worth noting, don’t work too well with the tweak when you have the “Darking UIViews” option enabled. Check out the below screenshots of two apps which have dark text in some places, making them a bit hard to see.


The tweak doesn’t have iPad support yet, but its developer, Guillermo Morán, says it’s coming soon. Eclipse is $0.99 and will be available on the Cydia store very soon. It’s compatible with iOS 7, as well as iPhone 5s and other 64-bit ARM devices.

[Images via iClarified]

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