Tutorial: This “Her” inspired iPhone made possible by iOS 7 jailbreak

UntitledIf you haven’t seen the movie “Her”, you need to get yourself to a movie theatre right now. It’s a fantastic science fiction love story that’s absolutely fascinating, mainly because it’s probably not going to be science fiction for much longer. But I don’t want to spoil it for you. If you have seen “Her”, though, you’ll probably appreciate this movie-inspired iPhone I stumbled on. It’s not just a Winterboard theme. Hit the break.


The entire movie revolves around (and is named after) a small phone-like device, and installed on it is an “OS” that becomes the main character’s girlfriend. It seems as if one Redditor apart of the r/iOSthemes community–who goes by the name of HenryChastain–found this concept appealing and decided he or she wanted a virtual girlfriend of their own. And what better way to get one than to theme an iPhone?

The themed phone features a wood skin, a red background wallpaper, a faux-metal home button, and icons to match the style of “OS” from the movie. You don’t see the actual user interface of the device in much detail during the movie, but I think this theme did a great job for all intents and purposes. The wood skin is definitely a nice touch.


If you think this is as cool as I do, you might be wondering how you can do it yourself. Here’s the list of tweaks and options that were used to accomplish this:

  • Theme: Kiki (available on BigBoss)
  1. Square Icons
  2. No Undocked Icon Labels
  3. No Docked Icon Labels
  • Cloaky
  • Dockshift
  1. Style- Blurried – Clearer
  • Homescreen Designer
  1. Layout- 3×4 iPhone 5.plist
  • InstaLauncher
  • Messages Customiser
  1. SMS Bubble Color- Light Blue
  2. SMS Text Color- White
  3. iMESSAGE Bubble Color- Red
  4. iMESSAGE Text Color- White
  5. OTHER PERSON Bubble Color- Light Grey
  6. OTHER PERSON Text Color- Red
  7. BACKGROUND- white
  8. Info Text Color- Dark Grey
  • Purge
  • Bigify
  1. Scale Size- Slightly under half way.
  • The background is a wallpaper that I made which can be found HERE!
  • The case/skin is from Karvt, in Walnut Natural; and the home button is just a home button sticker, you can find these on Amazon and in many electronics stores.

Overall, I’m simply astounded. “Her” was a great movie, but seeing the effort and creativity that went into making this makes me wonder if there are other great things we could theme an iPhone to be. This Eye of Sauron iPhone case comes to mind, which also makes one of these over-the-top iPhone themes possible.

What do you think of this “Her” themed iPhone? Think you’ll try and do it yourself? Let us know in the comments.

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