iPhone user gives pros and cons of Android and the Galaxy S4 — do you agree?

Galaxy S4 iPhone 5A devoted iPhone user took to Reddit under the pseudonym HairOnTheHead to discuss the experience had had switching to Android for six months. In his post, in which he attempted to remain neutral in his opinions, the user listed several pros and cons of using a Galaxy S4 over an iPhone 5… 

App Ecosystem

The App Store and the apps themselves are a definite ‘step up’ over Android,” he wrote. “Things such as my banking app, Starbucks app, etc, not only work better…they just…look better. My S4 commonly had apps that looked like they scaled awkwardly with graphics that aren’t as crisp as they should be. This drove me nuts at first but I learned to deal with it.


My S4 started to annoy me by simply not working right when I needed it to. There was 2 occasions where my GPS would either crap out all together (thus crashing the Google Maps app) or cut off the turn by turn at the very last sentence…which often involved where I had to turn. This made me late for 2 meetings that I wouldn’t typically be late to. It was a series of the little things that added up to tons of frustration.

Battery Life

The battery was another area that left me feeling a little frustrated. Particularly the ‘sleep’ mode where my phone would be resting by my bedside. This would result in a 20% decrease overnight. This could have been an app or something I had running that was periodically waking my phone overnight…but I never looked into it more. That being said – expandable batteries were great to have and we constantly had a few with us at any given time.


The Samsung bloatware also didn’t help. It felt like the phone wanted to be two things…a great Android device…and a device that Samsung wanted to use to force their subpar services down peoples throats. This was a real killer for me…but much like everything else, I learned to deal with it over time.


I will definitely miss MightySMS. To be able to text from your desktop was a really nice feature.

Google Services

I’m also a Google junkie (my life runs through Drive and Google services) So i’ll miss the tight integration – but it seems everything I need is available on the iPhone.

Is this an accurate representation of Android, or is this iPhone convert simply being biased in his opinions? Android users, what is your perspective on this?


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