NowNow for iOS 7 replaces Siri with Google Now

Google NowiPhone users looking to replace Siri with Google Now will be happy to hear that NowNow, a jailbreak tweak we first covered in April, has been quietly updated with both iOS 7 and 64-bit support.

NowNow works in unison with Activator to bypass Siri and default directly to Google’s voice search. As such, the tweak requires that you have the official Google search app installed on your device… 

It’s important to note that the same kind of integration you get between Siri and native apps like Music and Reminders is lacking with Google Now, so this tweak is only recommended if you don’t use those features very often. Otherwise, stick with Siri for the best experience.

As noted in its official package description, NowNow is especially useful for older iOS devices that don’t come with Siri out of the box. Google Now is the next best personal assistant to Siri, if not better, as evidenced by its insane popularity on Android devices. It’s also just as fast.

The new version of NowNow, developed by Nick Frey, supports all iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices running iOS 7 or later. The tweak is available for free on Cydia in the default BigBoss repository. No home screen icon is installed, and the activation method is configurable in the Settings app.

So, which is better — Siri or Google Now?

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