Available phone storage compared—iPhone 5c in first, Galaxy S4 in last

Storage-2Most entry-level phones advertise 8 GB or 16 GB of available memory, but none of them actually give you that much space to use. According to a new study done by Which, Apple’s phones offer some of the highest percentages of actual usable space, while Samsung’s numbers are paltry, with the Galaxy S4 landing in dead last.

2 Mobile storage space

As you can see in the graphic above comparing the most popular smartphones in their 16 GB variations, Apple’s iPhone 5c has landed in first place with 12.6 GB of its advertised 16 GB of storage space actually available to the end user. The iPhone 5s, Apple’s flagship smartphone, lands in third place at 12.2 GB, representing 76% of advertised capacity.

Google’s Nexus 5 also scored very well in this comparison (as expected), with just less than the iPhone 5c at 12.28 GB of storage space available.

We already knew that Samsung’s TouchWiz version of Android is both a storage space hog and resource eater, but it becomes even more apparent when looking at how much storage space the user gets when buying a Samsung phone. The Galaxy S4 has placed dead last compared to the seven other popular smartphones studied, with 8.56 GB, or just 54%, of its advertised storage space available. We’ve known this since the release of the Galaxy S4, but what’s interesting is that the phone is still in last place with many new smartphones (including Apple’s offerings) now being compared to it.

Why does the Galaxy S4′s default software take up so much space?  Here’s a statement from Samsung given to AppleInsider:

“For the Galaxy S4 16GB model,” Samsung said in a statement, “approximately 6.85GB occupies [the] system part of internal memory, which is 1GB bigger than that of the Galaxy S3, in order to provide [a] high resolution display and more powerful features to our consumers.”

Samsung does offer, however, the opportunity for their users to boost their available storage through the inclusion of a microSD slot. Apple has never included this as a feature in any of their phones.

Have any Galaxy S users run into problems because of lacking default storage space? Sure, you can simply buy a microSD card, but isn’t it a bit shady to advertise a phone as 16 GB when barely over half of that is actually useable?

This doesn’t justify Apple’s actions, because I think it’s also unfair for Apple to only give the user 12 GB when the same 16 GB is advertised.

But 8 GB? Really?

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