Apple finds more success with lawsuits against Samsung

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Apple’s (controversial) lawsuits against Samsung seem to be showing at least some signs of success, as Judge Lucy Koh found Samsung to be infringing upon one Apple patent, and declared one of Samsung’s patents invalid:

In a summary judgment order entered late on Tuesday (January 21, 2014), Judge Lucy Koh, the federal judge presiding over two Apple v. Samsung patent cases in the Northern District of California, found Samsung’s Android-based devices to infringe an Apple patent on word recommendations (autocomplete) and declared a Samsung patent on multimedia synchronization invalid.

These lawsuits may not last much longer, as both Samsung and Apple have agreed to seek remediation. However, it appears that Apple has the upper-hand in negotiations, as many cases have been found in their favor. The effect on the smartphone that these cases have is still unknown,

[FOSS Patents]

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