More sources add fuel to Apple TV gaming fire

apple tv gaming

Following a report from iLounge today, various other publications with solid track records have independently corroborated reports that the Apple TV will soon see a major update, and that games will be making their way to Apple’s set-top box. The most important of these sources is Mark Gurman over at 9to5mac.

Gurman reports:

We’ve learned that Apple is making progress on its development of a successor to the current Apple TV and that the device is well into testing. We are led to believe that the new device, which is said to be a set-top box rather than a full-fledged TV set, will likely be introduced in the first half of 2014. We understand that the product will include a revamped operating system that will be based on iOS. Of course, release timeframes with these type of products can quickly change due to the content partners that are involved in such products…

As has been noted, iOS 7 includes support for Bluetooth gaming controllers. While the original iLounge report is somewhat sketchy due to their hit-or-miss track record, Gurman’s sources are rock-solid.

Additionally, many believe that Apple needs to have some kind of event and product launch earlier this year, instead of waiting until the fall as they did last year. Announcing a major update for the Apple TV would help to keep the attention on Apple. With new gaming consoles on the market, the time may be right for Apple to make a move.

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