Shocker: Apple working to fix iOS 7 bugs

iOS7_Homescreen_PressimageAs if the various iOS 7.1 betas weren’t enough to convince you of this, an Apple spokesperson has confirmed to Mashable that they are indeed working to fix the various bugs that are present in iOS 7. Specifically, Apple is vowing to fix the issue that results in the iPhone soft-rebooting randomly. That issue has plagued many users, particularly on the latest batch of A7-powered, 64-bit devices,  to varying degrees. I’ve personally experienced it a handful of times since I got my iPhone 5S on launch day.

This is the first public admission on Apple’s part that it is working to fix these issues, though the various iOS 7.1 betas and their respective change logs have also conveyed the idea that Apple is acutely aware of the issues plaguing its latest mobile OS.

Have you experienced instability with iOS 7?


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