Springtomize 3 Cydia tweak for iOS 7 landing this week

Springtomize-2-iconSpringtomize, made by renowned jailbreak developer Filippo Bigarella, is one of the most well-known and useful tweaks to ever be developed. From resizing your home screen icons, to theming your lock screen, to changing the UI elements in your status bar, this tweak does almost everything in regards to visual iOS alterations.

But there isn’t yet an updated version of Springtomize for iOS 7 and, until now, we haven’t had any idea of a potential release date. Bigarella took to Twitter earlier this morning to change that, saying the tweak should be public within 7 days.

As you may be aware, Springtomize basically condenses many small tweaks into one, extremely powerful tool. The tweak can take the place of Cloaky, CustomLS, NoPercentSign, Bigify, and many other smaller modifications, while putting all of these settings in one, organized location for easy changes.

Even more exciting in regards to this release is that Filippo most likely intends on doing more than just updating Springtomize 2 to work with iOS 7–he surely has new features planned as well. Why else would the tweak be given an entire integer bump in version number?

How much will Springtomize cost? According to a tweet from Bigarella, it will be “more than $0, less than $999 ;P”.  What features are you looking forward to? Anything you have a hunch Bigarella plans to include?

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