New SpotDefine tweak adds a dictionary to iOS 7 Spotlight


Spotlight comes with a lot of functionality, but personally, it’s still not powerful enough to be a feature that I use every single day. One feature that Apple has neglected to add is a dictionary, which would let users find the definitions to words by simply pulling down on the home screen and typing a search term as usual. Jailbreaks exist for a reason, though, and a new tweak has been released on Cydia called SpotDefine, which does just this.

The tweak adds an option next to the “Search Web” and “Search Wikipedia” buttons, titled “Search for Definition”. Tap this button and the default iOS dictionary (the one that pops up when you highlight a word and tap “Define”) pops up quickly presenting you with the definition of the word you typed.


The tweak is free, is compatible with iOS 7 and devices with the 64-bit ARM processor, and has no options to configure. Head over to Cydia and find it in the BigBoss repository. Notably, no data connection is required to define words as iOS has an offline dictionary built-in.

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