Saurik’s Cydget updated to support iOS 7, ARM 64


Cydget is a term you’re probably familiar with if you’ve been around the jailbreak community long enough. For those who don’t know, it’s a tweak made by Saurik himself that provides a framework for developing lock screen widgets in HTML and Cycript. It has been around since the early days of Cydia (as far back as iOS 2.2), but today, I’m the bearer of good news: Cydget has been updated to support iOS 7 and devices sporting Apple’s new 64-bit ARM processor.

Each Cydget can be installed much the same way as a Winterboard theme–you even go to and reorder installed Cydgets in a list. Unlike Winterboard, however, these listed Cydgets don’t stack on top of each other. Rather, they’re easily cycled through by pressing the home button.

Like the tweak itself, you can find Cydgets in Cydia–and there are many to be found! A wide variety of these lock screen widgets have been developed over the years and, because they’re written primarily in HTML (and lightly in Objective-C and other languages via Cycript), most of the add-ons should be fully compatible with your iOS 7 device–no updates required.

Recently, a new tool called GroovyLock was released that seems to offer very similar functionality to Saurik’s Cydget. While the former is definitely a great platform for building and installing lock screen HTML themes, Cydget is considered much more mature because it has a wide variety of existing Cydgets and, unlike GroovyLock, it supports Cycript which lets developers have access to the calendar, camera roll, and preferences.

Here’s what Saurik had to say when asked what the difference is between his offering and GroovyLock:

Cydget is much more powerful as it supports Cycript, so you can integrate into preferences easily or get access to things like the calendar or camera roll. It also is designed in a fundamentally better way that doesn’t conflict with other things that go on the lock screen, such as turn-by-turn navigation. It supports transparent webviews with the faded wallpaper backdrops. It has been around for four years and is based on a much more solid foundation.

While this release is definitely great news, it makes us question when or if Saurik plans to update the rest of his tweaks. Notably, Cyntact is definitely in need of an update as it provides the ability to show profile pictures within the contact list. The tweak would look even better with the new circular profile design that we see elsewhere in iOS 7.

It’s worth noting that Cycript, a tweak that is a dependency for Cydget but actually is packaged separately by default, has also been updated as of today. You’ll find both the new Cydget and Cycript on Cydia right now and, as expected, they’re both free. Go get them!

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