New UniFaces jailbreak tweak brings Unicode faces to the iOS keyboard ( ◕ ◡ ◕ )


There’s a wide variety of unicode faces that get tossed around the internet all the time, but sadly you can’t really type them if you’re using an iOS device. That is, you can’t use them unless you have a jailbreak. A new tweak called UniFaces was just released by a developer who goes by the name of seatanners, and brings some pre-typed Unicode faces to the iOS keyboard.

A few notes courtesy of the developer himself:

Couple things to note:

1) Hold down space to activate it

2) This is the quality of a beta release… There are definitely some kinks to be worked out, but it is quite functional!

3) I am by no means a professional iOS developer. I have almost no idea what I’m doing. Please don’t go too hard on me. :)

Currently, the tweak is only available at the developer’s repo. Add the following source to Cydia and search for “UniFaces”.

The tweak is completely free. Why not install it and give it a try in the comments section?

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