Adobe Demos Flash to HTML5 Conversion Tool

At MAX 2010, Adobe showed off a Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool, which will allow developers to quickly port their creations to the iOS-friendly language. As demonstrated by the Star Trek Commander in the video, it works quite well as an interim solution—but shouldn’t be used instead of native HTML5 code, which would obviously be better optimized.

It may seem like Adobe is shooting themselves in the foot, but in reality it’s a smart move. No matter what they do, Flash will eventually die, so it is better for them to start the transition early so they don’t end up stuck in the past. There is a lot of hype behind HTML5, but in its present form it is still not completely ready to replace Flash—even Google prefers to use Flash for YouTube videos on their new set-top-box. (Though mostly for the ability to run ads.)

At the very least, this tool will allow developers to quickly create HTML versions of websites, so you won’t have to stare at that “missing plugin Lego brick” when trying to load a restaurant’s menu on your iPhone.


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