Do you use iMessage?


iMessage has a checkered past. For the first few years of its life, it was marked by outages and server-side issues. To this day, the service may go down, though its reliability has been greatly improved over the past year.

iMessage’s claim to fame is how integrated it is with iOS. If you have an iOS device (or a Mac), you have the ability to send and receive iMessages. That means that the potential user base of iMessage is massive. iMessage allows you to send read-receipts, typing indicators, and photos and video so as to avoid excessive fees by carriers, since it just uses your data.

As an American living in Australia, iMessage is absolutely essential to how I keep in touch with friends and family. While iMessage’s features are easily replicable, not even Google has managed to copy the integration to the OS that Apple achieved with iMessage.

Do you use iMessage, or have you moved to some other instant-messaging method? Is BBM more your cup of tea? Or perhaps Kik? I’d like to know what other options are the best!

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