What do you do with all of your photos?


Smartphones, and especially the iPhone, have changed the way people take photos. Sure, I still have my trusty Nikon DSLR — but that camera is rarely with me. However, I have a fantastic way to capture photographs with me at almost all times with my iPhone 5S.

Generating that many images comes with a cost: what do you do with them? For many people, I imagine that those pictures stay on the phone, or else get uploaded to social networks like Facebook or Instagram. For me, I rely on iPhoto on my MacBook Air to manage my photos from my iPhone, DSLR, and even my iPad (yes, I’ve taken photos with an iPad). I connect my phone, camera, or iPad to my Mac, and sync the photos over. iPhoto, with all of its faults and lack of updates, works for me consistently.

What do you do with all of your photos from your smartphone, be it an iPhone or Android device? Do you upload them to Flickr, Google+, or some other photo management service? Do you rely on Photostream to move your photos around? Or maybe you use Dropbox? Sound off in the comments!

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