HideMe7 Cydia tweak lets you hide a wide variety of iOS 7 UI elements


There are a bunch of smaller tweaks that let you hide a wide variety of UI elements including the Camera grabber, the Notification Center and Control Center grabbers, as well as many other labels and interface elements. But what if there was just one tweak that gave you toggles to hide any and all of these elements? HideMe7 is your one-stop-shop for hiding UI elements, with toggles for over 30 different little pieces of iOS.

The following interface elements currently have toggles:

- Camera Grabber
- Control Center Grabber
- Date
- Notification Center
- Notification Center Grabber
- Percent Charged Text

- Icon Badges
- Icon Labels
- Icon Labels Except Folders
- Dock Background
- Page Dots

Status Bar
- Airplane Mode
- Battery Icon
- Bluetooth Batter Icon
- Do Not Disturb
- Battery Percent
- Location Services
- Bluetooth
- Carrier
- No Service/Searching
- Data Networks
- Clock
- Double Height
- Signal Bars

hideme7-3Control Center
- Airplay Section
- Brightness Section
- Media Control Section
- Quick Launch Section
- Separator Lines
- Settings Section

- Bubble Tails
- Recipient Title In Convo
- Message Type
- More Messages To Load
- Progress Indicator
- Center Timestamp


The tweak was just released on the BigBoss repo, and comes at the price of $0.99. All of tweak’s options are configured via Settings.app.

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