SimplePasscodeButtons Cydia tweak for iOS 7 does exactly what you would think


I actually really like this. Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to iOS 7 isn’t it? You don’t really need those numbers to be able to enter your passcode, do you? If you stumbled on a tweak called “SimplePasscodeButtons,” what would you think it does? Exactly. You’d expect it to give you options for simpler lock screen passcode buttons. And that’s exactly what this tweak does.

Once you install SimplePasscodeButtons, you have three options as to how you want your lock screen passcode screen to appear. You can remove all labeling from the buttons, as you see above, you can remove just the letters, as you see below, or you can leave it as is.


This is a pretty simple tweak and probably didn’t take much effort to write, so the author rightfully decided to make it free as well as Open Source (GitHub). The tweak is available right now on the default BigBoss repo, so head over to Cydia and grab it!

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