Acies Winterboard theme rethinks iOS 7 icon design concepts, looks beautiful


The designers keep pumping out themes, so we’re going to keep showing you them here on the iFans front page. The theme you see above is called Acies and it comes from one @deckedsg, creator of the popular Flaterize theme.


The icons, as you can see, look very familiar. Some of them are completely original concepts, but many are spin-offs of what Apple did with the stock versions. Specifically, if you take a look at and Game Center icons you’ll see that they’re both slight variations on Apple’s design ideas. Personally, I like both of these revisions better than their respective originals.

The theme’s creator is also replacing the icons of many third-party apps such as Tweetbot and Facebook. However, as there are far too many popular apps to be able to theme them all, the designer also made sure that standard app icon designs will still look great alongside those of the Acies theme (as you can see in the second image).

The theme isn’t out yet, but the developer has taken to Twitter to let us know that it’s coming very soon. Keep your eyes on this space and we’ll let you know when it’s live in Cydia.

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