Galaxy S5 rumored to equip fingerprint scanner


Android is not usually the hottest topic for conversation within Apple communities, but it is still important to keep an eye on what competitors like Samsung are working on behind closed doors. In the midst of rumors that Apple is planning to release larger-screen iPhones at some point this year, a new report from the Korean Herald (via GSMArena) suggests that its South Korean rival has been preparing a new device of its own — the Galaxy S5.

It is far from the first time that we’ve heard about the oft-rumored Galaxy S5, which would eventually replace the existing S4 model as Samsung’s flagship device in its smartphone lineup. Just a few weeks ago, it was speculated that the Galaxy S5 would arrive in April with the possibility of an Iris scanner and powerful specifications; among the components, a 64-bit eight-core Exynos processor was listed… 

While top-of-the-line hardware is still expected, the inclusion of an Iris scanner is now being downplayed in favor of fingerprint scanning technology. Apple broke entrance into that foray with Touch ID on the iPhone 5s, and it would be foolish to think that Samsung isn’t going to follow suit at some point. Samsung is said to have been testing biometric scanners, but ultimately considered Iris to be an “unintuitive” one.

The report elaborates on Iris’ shortcomings:

Just imagine getting your eye close to the front of the device every time you want to unlock it. Now imaging doing so in a dark room, cinema or when you’re wearing sunglasses. Such a scanner will also involve placing a new, long-range, camera module inside the device – either one for selfies and one for scanning or a more elaborate one for both tasks.

This year could easily shape up to be one of the most exciting ones in terms of smartphones, if both the long-awaited 4.7-inch iPhone and all-powerful Galaxy S5 make it to market. In the meantime, biometric companies IriTech Inc. and Sambon Precision and Electronics Co. both explicitly deny having any sort of partnership with Samsung on a new smartphone. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

[KoreanHerald via GSMArena]

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