BetterFolders tweak brings folder enhancements including nested folders, 4×4 folders on iPad


BetterFolders is a new tweak from Italian developer @ManzoPower which intends to make the iOS 7 folder experience on iPad and iPhone a bit better with the addition of nested folders and more apps per page on the iPad.

The main feature of the tweak is nested folders, which allows users to put folders inside folders. For instance, if you wanted to have a “Games” folder, but you know that you have three or four different “Angry Birds” games on your device, you can create a folder within the “Games” folder called “Angry Birds” for housing those games. This part of the tweak is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The second folder enhancement included with BetterFolders is the one you see in the image above: 4×4 folders for iPad. Considering the iPad’s screen size, I’ve always felt that only having just 9 apps displayed within a folder was a bit of a waste of space. BetterFolders lets you have 16 apps visible on any given page of foldered apps. This part of the tweak is only effective when installed on an iPad.

BetterFolders is completely free, and available right now on BigBoss repo within Cydia. Since BigBoss is a default repo, you should be able to find the tweak by searching “BetterFolders” under the search tab. There are no options to configure and the tweak should be ready to go as soon as you get it installed.

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