SwipeDown lets you swipe down to kill apps in iOS 7 multitasking


With iOS 7 came a brand-new multitasking interface that looks a bit like that of a deprecated mobile OS we all know very well. Just because iOS 7 multitasking is very similar to that of WebOS, though, doesn’t make it perfect.

There are surely many enhancements and features that Apple may introduce in the future to make it faster and easier to use. With a jailbreak, though, we don’t have to wait on Apple. Currently, you can only remove an app from multitasking by swiping up, but a new tweak called SwipeDown lets you do just what it sounds like: swipe down to close apps.

And that’s basically it. There are no settings to configure or options to set; SwipeDown just works. The tweak is completely free, you’ll find it on the BigBoss repo, and it’s currently only compatible with iOS 7. It’s worth noting that, currently, SwipeDown only works when swiping down on one app at a time, as opposed to the default swiping up with lets you close two or three apps at a time if you wish.

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