How has your impression of iOS 7 changed?


iOS7_Homescreen_PressimageIt’s been a while since iOS 7 was released, and now there’s even a jailbreak available courtesy of the evad3rs. When the software was first released, impressions were split pretty evenly down the middle, and there wasn’t much middle ground. Users either thought it was exactly the direction Apple needed to take with their mobile operating system, or thought it was a completely useless and shallow attempt at following design trends.

Now that the operating system is out, and might I add approaching 85% adoption, surely the opinions of those who hated it at the beginning have begun to shift. Apple is making some changes in the yet-to-be-released iOS 7.1 including faster animations and UI tweaks that solve many user’s concerns as well. So what are your opinions of iOS 7 now that it’s been out a while and you’ve truly had the opportunity to see how it performs in your day-to-day life?

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