Keynote Remote neglected and forgotten, still sporting iOS 6 aesthetic


While almost all of Apple’s default apps have been updated not only in functionality but to match the iOS 7 aesthetic as well, one app, Keynote Remote, is still without any update love. In fact, the app hasn’t even been updated to support Apple’s 4-inch devices–which first launched with the iPhone 5 in September 2012.


While Keynote Remote most likely is, after all, Apple’s least-utilized official app, the lack of an update is simply odd considering even apps such as Find my Friends and Trailers have received iOS 7 makeovers.

2014-01-16 11_27_52-Apple - iPhone 5s - Built-in Apps

If I’m not mistaken, Keynote Remote is the very last of Apple’s apps to still be waiting for an update. Do you think we’ll ever see the app revamped? Sound off in the comments.

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