Preview: Clien revamps the stock iOS 7 icons


What if someone took the iOS 7 icons and made them just a bit more pleasing to the eyes? One artist, who goes by the name of whduddn99 on Reddit, has posted an image displaying his take on just this concept. Hit the break.

In the theme, you’ll find a modernized camera icon, a cleaner and more flat Game Center icon, as well as many others that have been redesigned to better fit the iOS 7 aesthetic. In my humble opinion, Clien’s icons pull out many of the inconsistencies and criticisms that the stock iOS 7 look has come to know.

Sadly, the artist has posted nothing but the above concept art, and there’s no telling when or of we’ll ever see the theme in Cydia. What do you think about the theme? Personally, I feel like many of these icons are drastic improvements over the stock iOS 7 design (I’m looking at you, Maps, Game Center, and Mail).

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