SkipLock iOS 7 jailbreak tweak lets you skip the lock screen


While many would prefer to have a 4-digit passcode on their device to keep prying eyes out of their personal information and to protect against theft or otherwise, many iOS users skip security completely–trading for a faster device unlock and quicker access to apps. For those who take this route, the lock screen may be a completely useless barrier getting between them and the task they need to complete. Luckily, there’s an iOS 7 jailbreak tweak on Cydia that lets you completely bypass the lock screen if you wish and it’s called SkipLock.

And that’s basically it. It’s worth noting that if you get rid of the lock screen you’re also getting rid of the ability to quickly view now playing music and other notification features. But if you bypass the lock screen, I guess you don’t really need them. The SkipLock tweak is available on the BigBoss repo for free.

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