Cydia tweak feature: InstaLauncher for iOS 7


InstaLauncher has been out for a while now, but this fantastic Cydia tweak was recently updated for iOS 7 and has never gotten any coverage here at iFans. This post intends to change that. The tweak, in essence, makes apps more easily accessible and quite literally seconds away no matter what you’re doing on your device. And it does this by organizing them alphabetically.

You may be familiar with the countless app launchers available across desktop platforms such as Mac OS X including QuickSilver, Alfred, and more. InstaLauncher is effectively the iOS equivalent to these launchers, passing Spotlight and the SpringBoard in app launching efficiency.

As goes with many jailbreak tweaks, you set the tweak up by configuring a settings panel located in The tweak is dependent on Activator, meaning you must set up a specific action to trigger the InstaLauncher interface.

Here’s the video from when the tweak launched:

On top of being an alphabetical quick-launch library for all your apps, InstaLauncher features two more access panels that harbor your favorite apps and your recently launched apps as well.

As someone who hasn’t yet used InstaLauncher on iOS 7 but was very familiar with the tweak back when it launched on iOS 6, I must say I was skeptical at first. But quickly, to my surprise, InstaLauncher became an invaluable part of my workflow and I’m excited to use it once again on iOS 7.

If you think you might be interested in InstaLauncher, you can get it on Cydia for a cool $1.99. It was updated on January 8th for iOS 7 as well as 64-bit ARM processors as part of the iPhone 5s and recently-launched iPad models.


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