Total Apple device sales to match that of Windows PCs this year


The traditional desktop PC has obviously been on the decline as of late, especially that of the Windows variety (check out this piece outlining why Windows 8 actually gave customers a reason not to buy a PC). Asymco’s Horace Dediu in a recently released analysis suggests that the total number of Apple devices sold (including Mac,  iPhone, iPad, and iPod) should surpass that of Windows PCs by the end of the year.

This may seem like an unfair comparison, but this article is not intended to mislead you. The above graph is not comparing the sales of iPhone directly to Windows Phone, etc. But the point here is that, for the first time, Apple will likely soon be selling as many total devices as there are sold Windows PCs.

Even more interesting, as John Gruber has noted, is that the above trend kicked in well before the advent of the iPhone and iPad. The trend changed when the iPod introduced the world to Apple products, barriers to switching were evaporated with the growth of the internet being one of the main computer use cases, and with consumers feeling empowered to make their own computer buying decisions. The Apple MacBook line was a significant player in the growth of Mac adoption.

You can see the trend compared apples to apples in the above graph as well. While there are still around 19x as many Windows PCs selling as there are Macs, the trend is still the same. It’s just that with this analysis it looks like Apple will be passing a milestone of selling as many devices overall as there are Windows PCs beings sold.


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