Convergance aims to take the iOS lock screen in new directions


It’s not often that a tweak comes along that aims to completely redo from the ground up something that Apple thinks they’ve mastered. In this case, it’s the lock screen, and the tweak involved is called Convergance.

Every detail has been considered, from the ease of use of the widget feed to the smallest of animations. The lock slider elegantly melts away the interface to reveal your applications running underneath. The blurred background helps to make the information most important to you much more visible, and when you change the wallpaper, the whole feel of the interface changes with it.

The tweak comes most obviously with a new slider, which by default takes a swipe from the bottom of the device up to unlock. As you can see in the image above, there are 3 tabs visible on screen that take you to one of three places.

The first, located on the left side of the screen, takes you to an alternate lock screen that features a variety of common toggles such as brightness, Bluetooth, location services, Wi-Fi, and Airplane mode. You don’t actually have to pull the tab to go to this screen; simply swipe coming from off the left side of the screen to see the toggles.

On the right side you’ll find another tab. This one is, as you might expect, one way for the use to quickly bring up the camera. From here, the functionality is identical to that of the lock screen camera we know from stock iOS.

Lastly, the top tab, which you may falsely assume to simply bring down the Notification center, actually brings to the forefront a wide variety of useful widgets (as you can see in the right side of the above image).

The tweak features many toggles and options that allow you to customize Congvergance to your liking: everything from changing the small unlock nob’s design to altering the thickness of the time text is quickly and easily changed via

The tweak is not yet available but the developer has listed late January/mid February 2014 as a release timetable.


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