What if Apple made a MacBook C?

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Apple has attempted to get a foothold in the lower-end, relatively cheaper phone market with the recent launch of the iPhone 5c. But what if Apple took this philosophy and applied it to their laptop line? iFans user Zyiros has prompted the community with this question and offered up some quickly drawn colored MacBooks to demonstrate the idea.

What if Apple is making a cheaper Macbook to replace the Macbook Air? Say a starting point of $799? Running perhaps a version of iOS on steroids? Or even Mac OS X?

I think the possibility would give Apple a stronger foothold in the PC market, but they could also add a more colorful computer lineup.

With $999 being the entry price point for an Apple laptop, it would make sense that the Cupertino corporation might one day want to make their portable computers a bit more affordable. College students might be able to spend their loan money a fancy new laptop, but there are plenty of people aching to have a portable Mac OS X device that don’t have a grand to drop.

What do you think?

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