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With the release of the iPhone 4, Apple introduced a new type of case line that has really taken off.  The idea of a bumper case that leaves the front and back of your device intact has become somewhat of a popular idea allowing users to gain minimal protection while being able to show off the design of their iDevices.  With the iPhone 5/5s, this type of case has been replaced.  TechArmor offers a cheaper alternative that still offers quality with their EdgeProtect Bumper Case.  

In the Box

TechArmor EdgeProtect



The design of the EdgeProtect is actually very simplistic.  A two tone color combination comes together to allow you to add a splash of color to your iPhone.  TechArmor offers users a variety of color combinations for their case: berry/grey, black/black, black/slate, slate/white, and turquoise/grey.  The cases two tone color combination really turns the design a step away from just plain.  Diagonal beveled slits on the sides of the case a nice character to it.  Overall, the case will add a splash of color or complement your iPhone in a way to still let that Apple design stand out.


Design: ★★★★


The idea of a bumper case is to keep the front and back open to allow the design to stand out.  With that said, the front and back are left exposed, but protected by a bevel from flat drops.  With that said, the back is at least partially protected from some drops which is better than none.


The rest of the case employs a dual-layer protection for your device.  The internal rubber layer allows the device to absorb impacts very nicely.  The rubber layer extends to the outside through protruding buttons.  With that said, the buttons are well protected and covered by the case, something not all bumper cases offer.  This is definitely a nice touch though.


The dock is covered as much as it can be as TechArmor creates openings for the lightning connector, speaker, microphone, and headphone jack.  These openings are the bear minimum needed to allow the ports and jacks to function properly.  They cover as much as they can overall.  There is an opening for the silent switch as well.

On the outer edge of the bumper is a plastic shell that sits right outside the rubber interior.  The plastic shell does do a good job offering additional protection that a harder external shell can.  That said, the level of protection this bumper offers is probably the most you can expect out of a bumper.


Protection: ★★★★½


If you’re one that likes bumper cases, this case will be reused for the most part.  It keeps your device sleek and shiny while still offering some protection from drops.  TechArmor tries to leave as little of the device exposed while allowing the back to be open with the EdgeProtect.  There are two caveats however, you can only use the stock Apple Lightning connector as the opening for the dock is a little tighter for 3rd party ones.  The headphone jack may not be large enough for some headphone jacks as well.  Knowing that the iPhone is a music player, this can become problematic (the audiophile in me says it is).  Overall, if you can get over those two caveats, the EdgeProtect is a bumper case to keep using.


Reuse: ★★★★


OK, at just under 8 dollars, there really is no reason not to test out one of these cases.  The price tag is something TechArmor has going for it with their EdgeProtect.  They offer one of the largest values for any bumper out there.  It seems very well built with an attractive design and offers great protection compared to other bumpers.  If you can get around being stuck with small headphone jacks and lightning connectors, this case is an absolute steal.

Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

I have to say, I wasn’t planning to be impressed at all by an 8 dollar case.  I was wrong.  The case itself is built very well and offers a nice bit of protection for being a bumper. While I can get over the small lightning port, the audiophile in me hates the tiny headphone opening.  Regardless though, I have to say that the EdgeProtect does what its supposed to, and it does it well.

I’d like to thank TechArmor for the product sample.

Overall Score


TechArmor EdgeProtect Bumper Case


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