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The idea of using magnetism for charging a device is nothing new.  Inductive charging relies solely on this mechanism.  The Magnetyze Case attempts to give a magnetic-like charging system to devices that don’t support it.  It adds a magnetic contact onto the back of the iPhone and a snap clip that magnetically attaches to it.  On the other end of that clip is a male USB port.  The case provides quite a bit of protection and the charging mechanism works like a charm.  That doesn’t mean it isn’t without fault.  

In the Box

Magnetyze Case
Magnetyze to USB Cable
USB Micro to USB Cable
Headphone Jack Adapter



The design of the Magnetyze case is actually pretty aesthetically pleasing.  On the back-side, there is a very nice brushed texturing that mimics brushed aluminum, except this brushing is a little deeper and less subtle.  On either side of the brushed plastic is a solid, matted plastic bar.  The rear-end has a curved contour that form fits well to the hand.  The front-side of the case frames the iPhone inside and offers two grills for the mic and speaker as the case covers them up.  Overall, the design is very aesthetically pleasing, but does rid of the 4-way symmetry of the iPhone.


Design: ★★★★


The Magnetyze case offers quite a bit of protection to the iPhone.  Every part of the device finds itself covered and protected well.  The buttons are surrounded by plastic buttons that come out of the case and are quite responsive as a whole.  When most cases leave the silencer switch exposed, BuQuTech decides to cover it with their own switch which works quite well.


The entire dock is covered as well and a micro-USB port left open for charging when a Magnetyze clip isn’t available; this keeps the case more universal overall.  The case also has a bevel that surrounds the entire front of the iPhone to protect it from front-first drops.  The entire back is also covered like with most cases.  The case is almost perfectly form-fitted to the device so some thicker screen protectors will not work properly with it.


Protection: ★★★★


Although it offers top notch protection and looks great aesthetically, the real reason to get this case would be for the magnetic charging.  When Apple switched to lightning, I was always curious to why they didn’t go with some sort of Magsafe hybrid design.  It always baffled me.  Magnetyze attempts to remedy this with a mag-safe style connector.  The main differences is that this one is on the back of the device and can rotate 360 degrees.  It works extremely well and BuQuTech offers a wide variety of accessories that are compatible with this case from stands, docks, cables, etc.


There is a micro-USB port on the case on the lower, left-hand corner.  This is definitely a nice touch as it allows the device to get charged even if there isn’t a Magnetyze cable around to use.  This allows the case to be a little more universal without relying entirely on the proprietary Magnetyze connection.


This doesn’t come with downsides though as the micro-USB port does cause an elongation of the lower-end of the iPhone.  This does get rid of the symmetry of the iPhone, if you are one that cares about this when gaming or watching videos.  The main issue this poses is that the headphone jack is recessed, even mores than the the original iPhone.  This makes it almost impossible to find a headphone that will be compatible with it.  Although there is an adapter that comes with the case, it isn’t a perfect solution for those that have more than one pair of headphones.  It also creates another point of failure in the headphone setup.


Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

BuQuTech has a very nice concept on them that works wonderfully.  When you’re trying to charge your device, the magnetic connection works wonders and extremely well.  It’s a system like this that makes you wonder why Apple never took a magnetic approach with their default docking connector.  If you can get around the headphone jack issues, I feel this case definitely does make charging less of a hassle and the the ideas of using magnetics a very promising one.

I’d like to thank BuQuTech for the product sample.

Overall Score


BuQuTech Magnetyze for iPhone 5/5s


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