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Nowadays, we carry our phones with us everywhere. They tag along for the rides we take, our day to day life, and just about everywhere else we are. The majority of us here at iFans also live in a capitalistic society, driven by money. Additionally, we have our IDs, credit cards as well as other things. The CM4 Q Card Case attempts to merge these two together to turn your iPhone into your wallet. 

In the Box

CM4 Q Card Case
Screen Protector
Microfiber cloth



The Q Card Case is actually quite a nifty little case with a good design. The majority o the case follows a monotone design that focuses on a single color; the color of the case itself. The case is available in 4 different colors: red, teal (pictured), brown, and black. The stitching, rubber casing, and even the leather is color matched to the body of the case. The only thing that isn’t would be the window around the camera opening that is black. The design is one dimensional, simplistic, and doesn’t stand out. The design does still work though, and if you’re one that likes simplistic design, this would be it.


Design: ★★★★★


The case actually offers a nice bit of protection to your iPhone. The entire back is covered by the plastic-like rubber material that also surrounds the side of the iPhone as well. It bevels over to the front of the screen to help protect the phone from face-directed drops. The material seems to be good for impact resistance as well. The back also has an additional layer of leather on the back which acts as the pocket to hold personal stuff.


The dock is left open and exposed to allow access into those portions of the of the bottom of the device, the dock connector and headphone jack for example. There is also an opening for the silent switch as well. All the buttons, however, are covered and use the same material as the the main body of the case.


Protection: ★★★★½


One of the primary features of this case is the fact that it can double as a small wallet. It’s able to store up to three cards as well as some cash. When you get the case fresh, it may not be able to hold its full capacity. With use though, the leather backing does stretch and allow it to hold more. With the combination of Find My iPhone, it can also turn your phone into a GPS tracker for your case. There are ways to circumvent this though, but it’s better than no tracking.


The only downside to this is that the case can get quite thick when it is filled with multiple cards and some cash. This can also cause the case to bend and fold near the dock connector. It’s still able to save you from needing to carrying a separate wallet and a phone though as they’d be glued together now. The case is well built and seems to be able to protect the phone well too.

Reuse: ★★★★½


The Q Card Case will run you about 40 dollars which isn’t the biggest premium on a case. Rather, it’s priced similar to many bigger companies: Speck, Otterbox, etc. This case offers good materials as well as the wallet feature that adds to the value. It’ll protect your iPhone pretty well overall too. I do have to say, it does do everything it needs to do and the wallet does work well after you break in the leather pouch.

Value: ★★★★★

Final Thoughts

The CM4 Q Card Case is actually pretty well-built using some nice materials that feel nice in the hand. Although I personally would like a second dimension to the design, a secondary color accent if you will, the case isn’t hideous, but does look plain. It’ll protect your iPhone very well and the case portion will work well despite adding bulk. Overall though, if you want to combine your wallet with your phone, the Q Card Case may be the way to go.

I’d like to thank Valerie for the product sample.

Overall Score


CM4 Q Card Case

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