Apple Now Larger than RIM

Apple has just surpassed Research in Motion—known for the BlackBerry—as the 4th largest cell phone vendor in the world. The iPhone now accounts for 4.3 percent of the global mobile phone market, selling 14.1 million units in the last quarter. Jobs seems very confident that RIM will not be catching up anytime soon.

“We’ve now passed RIM. And I don’t see them catching up with us in the foreseeable future,” -Jobs

“LG lost ground due to a weak smartphone portfolio, while Nokia suffered component shortages that constrained its low-end handset volumes by an estimated several million units,” -Neil Mawston

Nokia, having sold 110.4 million units during the same time span (a 33.7 percent market share), is still in the lead, despite Topolsky’s greatest efforts.

Considering the iPhone’s limited network availability (at least in the states), a number 4 spot is pretty impressive. Sales are only getting stronger for the ubiquitous handset, and don’t show any signs of slowing down. But, in order to get on the podium, Apple will have to at least double their sales to beat LG. Remember, the iPhone has only been around for a little less than 4 years, so it still has a lot of room to grow.


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