After evasi0n7, what are your thoughts on jailbreaking?

The iOS world was surprised before Christmas with the release of evasi0n7, which offered a jailbreak to any and all devices running iOS 7. Initial bugs were relatively quickly fixed by the developers, and the jailbreak is now stable, and various developers are rushing to update existing tweaks for iOS 7, as well as to begin development on new projects.

However, the amount of controversy surrounding evasi0n7 is unparalleled in the jailbreak world, where the antics of rapping hackers aren’t questioned. The TaiG story is unlikely to be forgotten anytime soon, though it does seem as if the evad3rs have tried their hardest to make amends for including software that promoted piracy. Their letters to the community¬†were a great way to keep people up to date, and to try and explain the situation from their perspective. I was initially very critical of their work, but I am now much less so; they explained their motives well, and reacted professionally be severing ties with the TaiG app repository. I still don’t approve of their actions regarding Cydia support, but hey — nobody is perfect.

What are your thoughts on jailbreaking now?

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