Remove your iOS 7 dock with TransparentDock, DockShift offers more features


One of the most popular Winterboard modifications has always been the simple removal of the dock. Of course, your docked apps will still remain functional, but the graphic backdrop will be gone giving your Home Screen wallpaper more non-blurred screen real estate. If you’re wondering how to accomplish this on a newly-jailbroken iOS 7 device, simply head to Cydia and search for the TransparentDock tweak in the BigBoss repo.

As iFans user laze has pointed out in the comments thread, you can also install the tweak manually by pointing your jailbroken device to the following link in Safari:

You’ll need to have iFile installed, and after you click the link you’ll be given the option to install the tweak manually.¬†Alternatively, you could just go for installing DockShift, which, on top of giving you the option to hide the dock, allows you to customize its appearance in a variety of interesting ways. LikeTransparentDock, DockShift is free on Cydia and requires iOS 7. Find a screenshot of DockShift’s settings page after the break.
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