iPad Available at Verizon, AT&T

Today, both Verizon and AT&T started stocking the iPad at stores nationwide. AT&T is selling the 3G models as expected, but Verizon will be selling the WiFi models (at the same price as their 3G counterparts), bundled with their MiFi wireless hotspot. The advantage of choosing Big Red’s option is the expandability of the mobile hotspot: multiple gadgets can be connected at once. Of course, choosing the carrier with the best service in your area should be the deciding factor.

Verizon’s data prices are as follows: $20/1GB, $35/3GB or $50/5GB. AT&T has similarly priced plans: $15/250MB or $25/2GB.

The fact the Verizon is now authorized to sell the tablet is interesting, and probably indicates that they are getting cozy with Apple. What this means for the iPhone is unknown—but it can’t be a bad thing.

[Verizon] [AT&T]

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