This tweak uses Touch ID to lock your apps

2013-09-10 16_55_00-Apple - iPhone 5s - Technical Specifications

Until now, it was uncertain whether or not jailbreak developers would have access to the biometric Touch ID scanner apart of the iPhone 5s, but most in the jailbreak community had confidence that someone would be able to manipulate it for their own means eventually. Apparently, it may have been a bit easier than previously thought to break into Apple’s Biometric Kit.

As you’ll see in the video after the break, though, at least one developer (who happens to have also created SBRotator, CallBar, and other tweaks) has found a way to take advantage of what Apple says is a feature with a “very high level of security.” In the demoed tweak, the developer shows an app prompting the user with a dialog box before opening. This box asks the user to verify his or her identity by placing their thumb on the Touch ID sensor – much like how Apple uses the feature to let users unlock the iPhone and make App Store purchases.

It’s exciting to see that tweaks like this are now possible, but as a community we must also keep the security aspects in mind. With jailbreak developers having access to Touch ID, that would also mean they may potentially have access to our fingerprints assuming we install their software. Hit the break for the demo video.

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