Castro: the best podcast client on the iPhone


For me, podcasts have replaced most other forms of media and entertainment. I enjoy how portable they are, and I enjoy the fact that I can listen to them when I want, as opposed to whenever a show comes on the television.

Podcasts, however, are a decentralized form of media. Therefore, they require some type of client app for you to listen to them. Most people settle for Apple’s podcast app, though there are drastically better options available. Since its release, I have been using Pocket Casts. However, with the recent release of Castro, I have left Pocket Casts for the simpler design and faster navigation of Castro.

The app itself is fun and easy to use, and its “Now Playing” screen is easily the best that I have seen. While podcasts aren’t for everyone, I suggest anyone interested in the medium to check out Castro.

[App Store]

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