iCleaner Pro 7.1 beta now available, here’s how to get it

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iCleaner–both free and pro versions–allows you to delete countless amounts of useless extra information on your iOS device to reclaim precious storage space that is rightfully yours. Just like many other tweaks that are now having to play catch in the wake of the iOS 7 jailbreak release, the developers have publicly released a beta version of iCleaner Pro 7.1 for us to test on our freshly jailbroken devices.

As our community member chickenmatt5 wrote about the app last year, “it scans your filesystem in search of un-needed files, like half-installed Cydia packages, huge caches in apps like Facebook and Instagram, as well as tons of junk in Safari.” To install the iOS 7-compatible beta version just add the following URL to your Cydia sources list: http://exile90software.com/cydia/beta


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