Latest analytics show iOS killed Android in Christmas shopping

Tim Cook

We already know that the iOS App Store outperforms the Play Store in sales, but new numbers show that, despite Apple’s slipping market share, Apple’s marketplace may be performing even better than expected this holiday season. IBM analytics are out, and they’ve now been released to the public by way of press release, outlining what the company saw this holiday season:

iOS vs. Android: As a percentage of total online sales, iOS was more than five times higher than Android, driving 23 percent vs. 4.6 percent for Android. On average, iOS users spent $93.94 per order, nearly twice that of Android users, who spent $48.10 per order. iOS also led as a component of overall traffic with 32.6 percent vs. 14.8 percent for Android.

There are many an argument to be made to explain why this is. But even though the data above is admittedly limited to the U.S., Android is supposed to be the leader when it comes to total number of devices shipped. In the end, it appears simply that more users on iOS spend money on applications, and that’s why developers gravitate to the Apple side of the ecosystem.

[via BusinessInsider]

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