Intelliborn announces that Intelliscreen X 7 for iOS 7 will be a free update, LockInfo update coming


Intelliscreen X, known as one of a couple options (often compared to LockInfo) when looking for a tweak that brings useful information to the lockscreen, will soon be coming to an iOS 7 device near you. The official announcement came soon after the iOS 7 jailbreak was released via the Twitter account of Intelliborn (the developer of Intelliscreen X).

Unlike the upgrade from Intelliscreen X 5 to Intelliscreen X 6, the developer has confirmed via the same account that the tweak will be a free upgrade for users of the latter. Users of Intelliscreen X 5, however, will need to pay $4.99. While that may seem high for a tweak, it’s worth remembering that Intelliscreen X 6 was $9.99 on the day of its release.

LockInfo, a very similar tweak that brings quick-look information access to your lock screen as well, and is likely Intelliscreen’s arch enemy, has been announced to be getting an update for iOS 7. According to the tweak’s developer, “it will take time.”

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