HTML5 Video Penetration Hits 54%, Mostly in H.264

HTML5, a technology that is vying with Flash for the standard internet video format, is is now powering 54% of all videos.

This means that slightly more than half of all the videos on the internet are iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad compatible, which marks a dramatic increase of 44% from even January of this year. What’s pushing HTML5 into being the standard? It seems more and more likely that Apple’s most recent assaults on the mobile market – and therefore Adobe Flash – are sitting in the middle of it all. Since the iPhone, iPod touch, and of course the iPad continue to be runaway successes, this trend seems to have no end in sight.

Here are some of the more interesting points made in the survey:

  • 54% of web video is now available for playback in HTML5. Double in 5 months.
  • Flash remains the dominant player within desktop environments.
  • Mobile is driving HTML5 video adoption. HTML5 compatible (H.264 mostly) video is the most common format for mobiles (inc.
  • iPhone, iPad and Android).
  • Publishers & platforms now offer iframe embeds, allowing them to switch players dynamically, depending on the access device.

Couple this with the news that even Adobe is bundling a tool to convert Flash packages to HTML5, and the outlook for Adobe’s brainchild looks very grim. So, it’s starting to look more and more as if Steve Jobs was right about Flash; after all, the market knows best, and the market is slowly but steadily throwing Flash back where it belongs.


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