China? Piracy? 太极助手? Pod2g? i0n1c? winocm? evasi0n7? Scandal?


There is a lot of information flying around Twitter, Reddit, Apple blogs and other outlets regarding what may become one of the biggest pieces of jailbreak-related news in 2013. Here are the facts: the evad3rs have, intentionally malicious or not, included Chinese software–what happens to be an “App Store” for pirated apps–in the first ship of their iOS 7 jailbreak. While this story is still unfolding, this post will serve as a place set aside to summarize the rumors and speculation that is floating around. Hit the break for the juicy details as they unfold…

Below are some of tweets via Stefan Esser (who is a known troll, but seems to be honest and correct in this case) explaining basics of the situation.

Earlier today, when the jailbreak was first released and before news of this Chinese software’s inclusion, Saurik tweeted that he didn’t get any lead time to effectively prepare Cydia for the jailbreak’s release.

Stefan Esser believes that this is likely due to the fact that the evad3rs were making a deal with a Chinese company to include aforementioned software and that it wouldn’t have made Saurik very happy.

Because we know i0n1c has had a relatively troll-ish reputation on Twitter, I thought I would include a tweet via the respected @winocm confirming that Stefan Esser (i0n1c) is absolutely correct.

This Chinese App Store, called 太极助手, or TaiG, is being reported by those in Hong Kong and Taiwan as being made by a group known as “360,” whom apparently are not very well liked in the far east. Local jailbreak websites are even reporting that users install the English version of evasi0n, or even better, not install evasi0n at all.

TaiG, the Chinese click-to-download piracy app

TaiG, the Chinese click-to-download piracy app

Saurik, the creator of Cydia, has supposedly known about TaiG’s potential inclusion for months, and isn’t surprised at all to find that the evad3rs likely struck a deal with the Chinese group to include the app in the now-released iOS 7 jailbreak.

Some Reddit users are now reporting the worst of news. The evasi0n jailbreak may potentially be collecting users’ information, even if you don’t use the Chinese version. User lukfunk says he “looked into the evasi0n binary that is installed to every jailbroken device’s root directory and in it I found the icon of this 360 app.” This is despite the fact that his devices are in English.

One Twitter user known as Hackl0us says the app is sharing data as well:

The story, though, gets even more interesting when pod2g began to be questioned by the community in regards to if this is true.

Saurik commented on the Chinese piracy app TaiG’s inclusion:

And pod2g quickly replied that the software was to be removed within 5 minutes:

Pod2g has come out to say that they will soon be posting an article on Reddit explaining the entire situation… let’s hope there’s some reassuring news that is more than just cover up for what seems to be a very drastic and dangerous breach of trust..

The letter from the evad3rs has been posted on their website.

However, Stefan, as he states in a tweet below, is very correct in saying that the letter has not done anything to calm the community in regards to whether or not the jailbreak is in fact sending private information to China.


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