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RHA | In-Ear Monitor | $ 89.95


RHA has always been a company I respected due to their philosophy, to provide good audio quality in an affordable package.  The MA-600i is their sub-100 dollar priced IEM which steps into an area that is swamped with IEMs.  Despite all the opposition, these little wonders do offer some great competition and hold their own.  Exactly how well do they hold their own?  Read on to find out…  


Driver: Dynamic
Frequency Response: 16 – 22 kHz
Impedance: 16 ohms
Sensitivity: 100 dB

In the Box

RHA MA-600i
Hard Carrying Case
Silicone Tips (Single Flange 2xS/2xM/2xL; Bi-Flange S/M)
Steel Tip Holder
Cable Clip



RHA uses a nice round design with their MA-600i.  The shape of the IEM is similar to the majority of RHA’s IEM line.  It’s a two piece design that sort of looks like a vase from a side profile without the silicone tips.  The color scheme is also two tone utilizing a matted black metal exterior with the RHA name centered in silver and a matching silver on the inner-side of the IEM.  It’s a very basic design that works very well.


Design: ★★★★


The signature of the RHA MA-600i is a classic v-shape.  The bass has a slight boom to it while the treble has good extension and separation while maintaining controlled.  The mids are smoother and warmer overall.  The signature used is one that is more popular towards the consumer crowd, but isn’t too bad either way.

rha ma-600i

Starting at the low end, the bass definitely has a slight focus on the entire spectrum.  It offer a slight boom due to the focus on the lower-midbass.  This boomyness does overrun the upper mid-bass at times which causes the bass to be bigger while the punch is really no where to be found.  The lower, sub-bass regions are audible and take a slight back seat.  Fluidity in the texturing is a very nice touch though.

The midrange offers a lot of warmth which clouds the entire midrange.  The upper midrange clarity ends up a little too subdued by the signature as a whole.  The lower detailing is definitely there but not as clear either.  That said, detail retrieval isn’t the best with the MA-600.  The vocals offers a lot of warmth and lushness making them very emotive and strong.  Upper vocals tend to be lacking as a whole unfortunately.

The treble is actually the best tuned part of the sound in my opinion.  The lower treble offers a nice strong presence to it that also includes plenty of detailing.  The extension is pretty good overall, but could be a touch better.  In the upper treble, we find that it’s actually quite soft, but offers just enough energy and sparkle overall.  Detailing and separation are absolutely brilliantly down up here as well.  Extension into the upper ranges is very well done too.

Audio: ★★★★½


RHA includes a nice hard-case with the MA-600i which has enough room for the IEMs themselves as well as all the accessories that come with it.  The case is about the size of a wallet and can hold the credit-card sized tip holder that is stainless steal.  With that said, the case is actually quite nice and will do a great job protecting the IEMs when they aren’t in use.


The housings of the RHA IEMs are made of metal.  The use of metal ensures that the drivers within will be protected well while being able to remain thin and small.  Coming out of each housing is an amply-sized, rubber strain relief.

Out of each strain relief comes a beautifully designed cable.  The cable itself reminds me of the older MEElectronics’ cables.  They were silver and wrapped in a gummy PVC-like material.  The  multi-layer design of the cable allows it to be very strong without requiring them to be overly thick.  This results in a cable that is flexible, but rarely tangles if ever.


Terminating the well-built cable is a well-built headphone jack.  The jack has a rubber body with a silver ring around it that has the RHA name on it.  The rubber is thick and quite sturdy actually.  The result is a headphone jack body that is strong, but not flexible.  The strain relief is the same way; flexibility is something that you want in a headphone jack though.


Build: ★★★★½


The RHA MA-600i was one of the few IEMs that I had trouble getting a proper seal with.  For some reason, I can only obtain a proper seal with the RHAs when I inserted them shallow, but not too shallow.  If I inserted them deep, I’d lose a seal; there was a sweat spot in the middle.  Other than that small debacle, the lightweight IEMs are quite comfortable and can be worn for hours.  They can be worn up or down and several pairs of tips are included to ensure you can obtain the right fit.


Comfort: ★★★★½


The MA-600i come priced at a relatively light 90 dollars.  I’ll admit that there are many IEMs in the price range that will fare better than it sonically.  However, this IEM still is better than many that are out there in the same price range; so it lies somewhere in the middle.  Other than that, the IEM offers great build while the lightweight design allows for great comfort.  Additionally, the i model includes a remote and mic, if one is not desired, there is also a standard model that doesn’t come coupled with one.


Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

The RHA MA-600i is an IEM that’s does offer some pretty good sound quality for the price.  It’s design isn’t bad while it’s built very well.  Lightweight designs also allow the IEM to be extremely comfortable once a proper fit has been found.  This is an IEM that is good at everything, but a master of nothing.  In other words, it’s an all-around great IEM.

I’d like to thank Isabel for the product sample.

Overall Score


RHA MA-600i

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