The new Mac Pro is now available online

Mac Pro

After an initial WWDC 2013 announcement, months of waiting and speculation, and then word that it would be released in “December” at Apple’s iPad event, the time has finally come: the cylindrical, $2,999 computer for the highest-end of the high-end market is now available.

With configuration options available that will take it well beyond the $3000 starter price, the Mac Pro will likely only be popular among those who require a computer that possesses an incredible amount of computing power, as well as the ability to manage massive amounts of bandwidth. In other words, video professionals — a long-time fan of Apple’s premier desktop machine — and other media entrepreneurs will find the computer to be useful, at any cost. The rest of us will have to be content with just staring at it longingly in the glass cases of Apple Stores the world round.


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