Giveaway: Win one of 15 Truffol Autograph Skin!


Autograph 5

Truffol is one of the most interesting companies in the accessory world. On the high-end, their quality is almost unrivaled. Until recently, they didn’t have an affordable product. That has changed, however, with the introduction of the Autograph line of leather skins.

These skins stick to the back of your iPhone 5SiPhone 5or Samsung Galaxy S4. Crafted from excellent leather, the skin itself is only .6 millimeters. This isn’t your cheap, plastic skin that will be peeling from use in a month.

How to enter:

Entering is simple: just comment on this post. At the end of a week, I will close the thread and randomly select 15 (fifteen) winners that will receive a promotional code for a free Autograph skin to use on Those users will be messaged on the via the forums, so be sure to check back and use the promo code if you are selected!

What else?

You should check out They have multiple products, with their line if Signature cases being utterly fantastic. The Autograph skins are also exceptionally affordable, at just $18 for the basic model.

Lastly, you should subscribe to Truffol’s newsletter, as they offer deals and other exclusive content regularly.

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