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EOps Tech isn’t the most well-known headphone company out there.  To be honest, I hadn’t heard of them before these headphones, the O2+.  What sets these apart from other on-ears?  They use Comply foam for their pads.  Comply is the company that makes foam tips for in-ears, their foam being used with on-ears hasn’t been heard of.  So, how do the pads fare in terms of comfort?  How do they sound?  Well read on to find out.  


Driver: 40 mm Bass + 24 mm Mid/High
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 28 ohms
Sensitivity: 120 dB (@1vrms)

In the Box

NoiseZero 02+



The design that EOps employs on their O2+ headphones uses a combination of fabrics, metals, and plastics that come together to form something that looks great.  The fabric headband is connected to the housings by metal slabs.  The design as a whole uses matted colors that look exquisite.  NoiseZero O2+ also offers a number of color combinations to match just about any style: Black/Blue, Red, Magenta, Black, and Charity Special Edition (All blue).  Outside the blue color styles, they all feature black housings and a headband to match the color selected.


Design: ★★★★


The 02+ utilizes a dual-driver system that incorporates a large, 40 mm woofer for the bass and a smaller, 24 mm tweeter that will do the mids and highs.  The overall sound of the O2+ is warm with a slight boom.  That said the bass can hold its own while the mids remain nice and prominent and the treble slightly behind.  The sound is a safe, warm sound that should be pleasant to audiophile and consumer alike.

The bass offers a nice strong, defined impact overall as that becomes the main focus of the bass.  The sub-bass regions take a slight seat to the back as the texturing is a little softer, but one-noted.  Fluidity isn’t as strong as it should be as you get down lower.  The stronger impacts down low cover up the actual punch of most drums unfortunately.  This also leads to bass that is a little slower as well.

In the midrange, we get a warmer midrange with a bit of lushness.  Lower-midrange detailing isn’t as present as it should be due to the laid-back nature of the midrange as a whole.  Upper midrange clarity does show itself amply without having to get rid of the warmer overall signature.    Vocals remain strong with a nice bit of lushness in the lower-vocals while the upper vocals do have a nice bit of power and energy to them, although they can go a little higher.

In the treble, we find that presence becomes the strong suite.  All the instrumentals are definitely able to make their way up front in the lower and upper treble regions.  Lower treble offers a strong, defined snap to it, but loses out on detailing and extension unfortunately.  The upper treble does go laid back a little.  The result is softer treble that doesn’t offend in any way and is very pleasant to listen to.  On the other hand, some energy and detailing is lost.

Audio: ★★★★½


EOps does a great job overall on the build of the headphones.  There are two main downsides to the EOps headphones though.  The first is that no case or pouch is included with the O2+.  For something that is over 100 dollars, I would be expecting, at minimum, a soft pouch for storage.  The headphones do seem to be able to survive without one though.

The second would be the cable.  It’s not the cable that’s actually problematic, actually, the cable is very well built.  The flat cabling used on the O2+ has a good thickness to it and seems very strong.  Utilizing a flat design stops tangles very well too.  The problem, however, is that the cable itself isn’t removable.  Cables tend to be a strong failure point on many headphones; having them replaceable is definitely a huge plus.


At the end of the cable is a very well-designed headphone jack.  It’s a strong, stiff jack that is angled at a pristine 90 degrees.  I don’t think there is much more to say about the body of the headphone jack, although the strain relief could be a little more flexible.  Additionally the jack itself is gold plated which reduces the chance of corrosion with time.


Going back to the top of the headphones, EOps uses plastic for the main material for the housings.  The plastic used is matted, but more importantly, is thick and sturdy.  The plastic in no way feels cheap which is definitely a huge plus.  A 1.5 mm slab of metal connects each housing to the headband of the NoiseZero O2+.  This bar of metal is very strong.


The headband uses a slightly thinner, but still resilient, metal skeleton as its base.  Around the metal is a stitched fabric that feels great.  The headband offers a good amount of flexibility and has a nice bit of stiffness to it as well to remain strong, but malleable.


Build: ★★★★½


The use of Comply Foam by EOps for the pads of the NoiseZero O2+.  The foam used on these is the same type of foam used for Comply’s tips which are extremely comfortable and conform well to any sort of shape.  That said, the padding on the O2+ is very soft and supple which leads to something that’s extremely comfortable to wear over extended periods of time.  EOps is the first company to utilize Comply’s foam pads for headphones, I certainly hope it’s not the last.


Comfort: ★★★★


The NoiseZero O2+ come priced around 130 dollars.  At this price range it does have some sturdy competition.  There are some headphones in the price range that are sonically more accurate and include removable cables.  The Comply Foam is definitely a huge incentive to get these as the foam is very soft and extremely comfortable.  The headphones themselves are still very well built and the design isn’t too shabby either.  A remote and mic is included for those with smartphones.


Value: ★★★★½

Final Thoughts

EOps did a great job designing the NoiseZero O2+ headphones.  The headphones look very nice while remaining subtle and the build is pretty good.  Utilizing a dual-driver design, EOps was able to employ an inviting, warm sound signature onto the NoiseZero O2+ while the use of Comply Foam allowed this to be heard for hours without pause.

I’d like to thank Jessica for the product sample.

Overall Score


EOps NoiseZero O2+


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