Sprint may try to purchase T-Mobile in 2014


A report from The Wall Street Journal today states that Sprint, at this time, intends to make a bid for T-Mobile in 2014.

AT&T was prevented from purchasing T-Mobile earlier this year, due to competition issues. T-Mobile doesn’t have the best network, but its prices are incredibly competitive, and it supports unlocked devices better than any other carrier.

The bid would make sense from a business perspective, but there are various hurdles that must be cleared. Primarily, Sprint’s third-generation network is based on CDMA. T-Mobile is still pushing its GSM/HSPA network out. Both have settled upon LTE as their next-generation network of choice, but neither have a large footprint with that technology.

There are also regulatory bodies to be cleared. It seems unlikely that the United States government will allow only three major carriers to dominate the market.

[The WSJ via MacRumors]

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