Circle: The Local Network takes off, leads free app charts


Circle is a new social network that aims to finally capture a very interesting concept: the idea of a social app aimed at catering to your local area. The app is, however, yet another social network leaving many skeptical as to whether it may simply just be a little too much.

As is true with any social network, as the app gains traction, it becomes more useful. Circle has sit at the number 1 spot on the United States free section of the App Store for a few days now, and has begun to be populated by users in most major United States cities. These users can do anything from post a classified ad and sell their laptop, to ask where the best place to get coffee would be on Saturday morning. Appropriately, only users actually in the area can like posts and comment on them, giving users a way of communicating with people only in their local area.

Have you tried the app? Is there anything about this social network that you think will help set it apart? Sound off in the comments!

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